The quality policy in our company is based on the quality management system described in ISO 9001:2015.

1. LETOVICKÉ STROJÍRNY, s.r.o. (Ltd.) is a mechanical engineering company providing production, assembly and sale of machine parts and components including varnish surface treatment. We are ready to fulfil all kinds of consumer requirements.

2. Our goal is to produce quality products with guaranteed utility.

3. The quality of work is a key criterion for assessment and motivation of all employees.

4. We assess and choose our suppliers according to adherence to our own quality criteria for subcontracted supplies.

5. Whether in contracting and product manufacturing or in claims, if any, we communicate with the customers in a way that is clear and constructive.

6. The assessment given by our customers is one of the main sources for our improvement. The long-term objectives are incorporated in quality assurance agreements, which form an integral part of all commercial agreements.

7. Our task-management is based upon clear definition of tasks, competences and responsibilities of each individual employee.

8. We are focused on continually improving the established and certified quality system EN ISO 9001:2015 and its efficiency.

9. Each employee contributes on his or her working place to the achievement of the required standard of quality. Each employee must be constantly instructed, how to improve quality and efficiency.

10. In order to ensure a sustainable development of the company, we constantly implement new and efficient technologies and processes, all to guarantee consistent quality of our products.

11. The company LETOVICKÉ STROJÍRNY commits itself to complying with all laws, ordinances and orders of and issued by the state and undertakes to comply with generally accepted standards (compliance with legal regulations.)


LETOVICE, the 1.6.2018


Dipl-Ing. Josef T a j o v s k ý, CEO

Dipl-Ing. Vladimír B a l a c h, company director

Dipl-Ing. Zdeněk V y k y d a l , commercial director